EpisodePublished ThemeTitleSynopsis
Chapter zero: Prologue - Year 2011
HiatusTue Dec 20, 2011Trolling the 'NetOn HiatusPlaceholder image while on hiatus
-1aMon Dec 19, 2011Trolling the 'NetThe Hiatus(Original version of The Hiatus).
Our resident internet troll disapproves of hiatuses. NOOOOOO!
-2aFri Dec 16, 2011MetaworldThe World As I See It(Original version of The World As I See It).
The construction crew must aquiesce to another crazy idea
-3aThu Dec 15, 2011Metaworld'Cuz I Can(Original version of 'Cuz I Can).
Sheila gets to deal with another irrational directive
-4aMon Dec 5, 2011Trolling the 'NetMonday, Monday(Original version of Monday, Monday).
Our resident internet troll checks progress. And notices a pattern.
-5aMon Nov 7, 2011Trolling the 'NetTrolcats(Original version of Trolcats).
Our resident internet troll discovers some classic LOLcats.
-6aMon Oct 3, 2011Trolling the 'NetTroll With It(Original version of Troll With It).
Our resident internet troll checks progress.
-7aMon Sep 5, 2011Trolling the 'NetSnake, Prattle and Troll(Original version of Snake, Prattle and Troll).
Our resident internet troll checks his handiwork
-8aMon Aug 1, 2011Trolling the 'NetPot. Kettle. Black.(Original version of Pot. Kettle. Black.).
Our resident internet troll makes a disappointing discovery
-9aFri Jul 29, 2011Trolling the 'NetBorn T' Roll(Original version of Born T' Roll).
What sort of person would commit such nefarious acts?
-10aMon Jul 18, 2011MetaworldShutdown(Original version of Shutdown).
The author comes to grips with keeping a schedule
-11aFri Jul 15, 2011MetaworldAnother Brick in the Wall pt.3(Original version of Another Brick in the Wall pt.3).
The boss can always tell you where to go.
-12aThu Jul 14, 2011MetaworldI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For(Original version of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For).
Even the professionals have trouble finding pieces sometimes...
-13aWed Jul 13, 2011Life On Brick StreetOutside(Original version of Outside).
Michael George commits a felony.
-14aTue Jul 12, 2011MetaworldGirls On Film(Original version of Girls On Film).
The cast go through the formalities. Promo and Profile photos for the website are taken.
-15aMon Jul 11, 2011MetaworldAnother Brick in the Wall pt.2(Original version of Another Brick in the Wall pt.2).
Set building starts stage 2.
-16aFri Jul 8, 2011MetaworldFriday On My Mind(Original version of Friday On My Mind).
Set building reaches a milestone. Must be early knock-off time.
-17aThu Jul 7, 2011Life On Brick StreetI Want Your Yakety Sax(Original version of I Want Your Yakety Sax).
Michael George commits a misdemeanor.
-18aWed Jul 6, 2011MetaworldSend in the Clowns(Original version of Send in the Clowns).
The cast assemble to get to know each other before production starts.
-19aTue Jul 5, 2011MetaworldGonna Make You A Star(Original version of Gonna Make You A Star).
Some unexpected guests turn up to audition.
-20aMon Jul 4, 2011MetaworldID4(Original version of ID4).
OBS commemorates US Independence Day
-21aFri Jul 1, 2011MetaworldSo, You Think You Can Be In A Webcomic?(Original version of So, You Think You Can Be In A Webcomic?).
First day of casting auditions...
-22aThu Jun 30, 2011MetaworldAnother Brick in the Wall pt.1(Original version of Another Brick in the Wall pt.1).
The construction crew do some elementary quantity surveying.
-23aWed Jun 29, 2011MetaworldStick to the Plan(Original version of Stick to the Plan).
The construction guys pore over the plans...
-24aTue Jun 28, 2011MetaworldUnder Construction(Original version of Under Construction).
Work begins on a new Lego® webcomic.
-25aMon Jun 27, 2011MetaworldImplementation(Original version of Prepare Ye...).
And so we begin.