On Brick Street, episode -70.1
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comes from Independence Day (ID4) by 20th Century Fox.


Author Anecdotally...

Whiskey and Scotch are in the queue in front of the Reyne Sisters. They appear courtesy of Reasonably Clever Webcomic's Chris Doyle and the Brick House. There's also a guy in the queue who bears a striking resemblance to The Stig.
The monologue provided by the patriotic auditioner is, of course, a direct transcript of the speech made by The President (Bill Pullman) in the movie Independence Day.

Variations on a theme

This strip is part of the Metaworld theme. These are the lives of the everyday self-aware minifig...

Other Boring Crap

This strip was originally published on Monday the 4th of July, 2011.

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