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On Brick Street webcomic is an entirely non-profit site. It was written and produced purely for the amusement of The Author. If it amuses you, Dear Reader, then that makes me happy too.

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Alternatively, you can acknowledge my friend and techno mentor Cadder who wrote, and re-wrote the code for this website from scratch. A job I couldn't've done alone. So if you find On Brick Street webcomic easy to use, fun, enjoyable, mildly amusing or heaven forbid, informative, please consider showing support by throwing a small donation at the web dev so he can buy a coffee.

Want to make a submission?

On Brick Street webcomic's storyline, such that it is, has been scripted several episodes into the future. However, if you have a great idea or situation for the On Brick Street characters, please feel free to use the Contact Page to let me know. If I use the idea (and hadn't already thought of it), I will give you due credit in the strip annotations. I'll also drop you a reply email to let you know if/when your idea is coming up in the strip. It shouldn't have to be said, but to save offending would-be contributors, understand this: the annotated mention is the only credit that will be given. Although grateful, I do not (read: cannot and will not) pay for ideas, and no royalty or payment will be offered or implied. I don't employ writing staff, and I have plenty of my own ideas that I haven't used yet. You need to know that, up front.

Want to donate some Lego®?

OK, that I can use. Perhaps. Use the Contact Page to let me know that you intend doing so, and if it's going to be useful, I'll let you know the postal address to send to. If you want to send individual pieces to help the comic, I do have a wanted list for future webcomic episodes. That list is below. Again, please don't expect any royalty or payment for donated pieces. Hoever, if I use a donated piece in the comic, I will give credit to the sender in the annotations. Also, please don't expect me to be organised enough to send donated pieces or minifigs back. Donations are donations, not loans... and after all, if they've appeared in one episode of the comic, I may need them to appear in a future episode for continuity.