These are strips that were published, but aren't necessarily part of or related to the On Brick Street "canon" storyline.
They are presented here as "Extra" or "Bonus" strips. Enjoy.


Chapter zero: Prologue - Year 2011
50studsMon Jul 30, 2012(misc/none)50 Studs of BleyOn Brick Street's take on current popular reading.
 Yes. I did read the books. Yes. I thought they were trash.
Even though On Brick Street was on extended hiatus at the time, the idea for this strip amused me so much that I had to produce a strip to share.
...and before I'm asked; yes. There are exactly 50 studs in each frame.
(Extra strips)
ConceptMon Jun 20, 2011MetaworldConception and Origin...Leonid Nimrod goes Desperately Seeking the origins of the On Brick Street webcomic
 This strip was the dawning of the On Brick Street webcomic. I managed to get hold of two Lego® Grand Emporiums, and decided to combine them. While I was doing so, I began to wonder what it would be like if the Minifigs had to build their OWN surroundings, how they would go about it, and how meta-aware they'd be... On Brick Street was the result of wondering how to present these ideas.
It also explains how the fourth wall in this comic can be so... "flexible".
I blame the beer. Folks, don't drink and MOC.
TestMon Nov 1, 2010(misc/none)Test Patternbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
 This strip commemorates the registration of the On Brick Street domain, and the simultaneous "going live" of the website.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are transmitting.
TeaserMon Oct 25, 2010(misc/none)Teaser imageNothing to see here. Move along!
 This strip was merely used as a teaser and placeholder while the website (and indeed, the comic sets) were being built.